Navigating Midlife Transitions


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Feb 23, 2024
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Kari Cardinale
Chip Conley
Jeff Hamaoui
Christine Sperber

Managing the transitions in midlife such as relationships, work, and health can often be challenging. Turns out there are more transitions in midlife than any other with no schools or tools to manage them more effectively — until now. MEA will help you identify where you are in transition and guide you through them faster, with greater clarity and ease.

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Navigating Midlife Transitions?

Are you “having a moment” in your life right now? Maybe it is a wonderful moment of new beginnings that are also a bit scary. Maybe it is a gut wrenching moment of endings and saying good-bye. Or maybe it is an uncomfortable moment of feeling in-between and not sure what is next. Let us help you shift those moments into clarity, focus and direction.
Imagine a life with more...
Understanding the flow of transitions helps them move more smoothly and sometimes faster.
Gain deeper insights into yourself and those around you.
The fastest hack to moving through transitions is to find pathways to awe everyday. We will show you how!

“I wholeheartedly felt invited into self-discovery and a transformative process to reframe and reinvigorate my midlife transitions.”

Laurie Hoffman
New Mexico, USA

How does it work?

Just say YES and the rest is up to us! The course is thoughtfully organized into 6 modules over six weeks. Each module takes about 2 hours to complete. Think of this as your new Netflix binge, or personal retreat-at-home experience. Join us monthly for live interactive discussion groups to deepen your understanding, and build community.
  • Expert Guidance Learn from leading transition experts on aging, career, health, and relationships
  • New Life Coordinates Reexamine the first half of your life and set new coordinates with clarity and purpose to navigate the road ahead
  • Transitional Intelligence Using our proprietary 6P’s of Midlife Transitions, explore the Anatomy of Midlife Transitions and expand your “TQ”
  • Lifetime Access We believe in long-life learning and so will you after experiencing MEA Online. This course is yours. Forever.

Is this workshop right for me?

This 6-module workshop to help you navigate midlife’s most common transitions with confidence and a fresh perspective. This will help you for yourself, at work, in your relationships and in your community.
  • You’ve recently experienced a “Massive Shift” in your life
  • You're ready to reframe the “Midlife Crisis” into a “Calling”
  • You're inspired to maximize your “Next Chapter”
  • You feel stuck trying to make a decision
  • You are starting over

“It’s a warm sunny beachfront feeling even in the digital space.”

Avivah Wittenberg Cox
London, United Kingdom

"This program helped me look at my purpose and live with more clarity."

Tom Verghese
Perth, Australia

Core Faculty

Kari Cardinale

Kari Cardinale is MEA's Senior Vice President of Digital and developed all of our online programs. She is an expert in the longevity industry, a social entrepreneur, expert facilitator, and developer of “digital intimacy” tools to build meaningful connections and global communities.

Chip Conley

Chip Conley is a hospitality entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and the founder and CEO of MEA. His two most recent books, Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder and Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better With Age, are the foundation for MEA’s curriculum.

Jeff Hamaoui

MEA co-founder and poetic Chief Education Officer Jeff Hamaoui is a gentle and empathic facilitator, business innovation veteran, and community builder who’s taught sustainability courses at Wharton, Berkeley, and Stanford.

Christine Sperber

MEA co-founder and fearless Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Christine Sperber has been a pro athlete, hotelier, producer, writer, and restaurateur. She’s passionate about service and caring for people, dogs, and the planet.

Multi-Generational Panel

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Guest Experts

Aaron Taylor
NFL Pro Player, Sports Commentator, Entrepreneur
View Bio
Alan Webber
Mayor, Santa Fe, Former Founder Fast Company
View Bio
Dr. Alexandria White
ReBoot Accel Senior Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
View Bio
Barbara Waxman
MS, MA Gerontologist, author of Middlescence, executive coach
View Bio
Bruce Feiler
New York Times bestselling author, Life is in the Transitions, TV host
View Bio
Chris Marcell Murchison
Consultant, Thought Partner, Coach and Bricoleur
View Bio
Dacher Keltner, Ph.D.
Professor of psychology at UC Berkley and director of the Greater Good Science Center
View Bio
Diane Flynn
ReBoot Accel CEO and co-founder
View Bio
Ingo Rauth, Ph.D.
Professor, Coach, Founder, School of Becoming
View Bio
Janis Nakano Spivack
The founder of Crush, a seasoned and curious creative working with Gen X & Millennial collaborators
View Bio
Justin Michael Williams
Author, Speaker, Entertainer
View Bio
Ken Dychtwald
Founder/CEO Age Wave, Gerontologist
View Bio
Kerry Hannon
Bestselling author, work and personal finance expert
View Bio
Lori Schwanbeck
Leadership Coach and Business Consultant
View Bio
Luis Gallegos
Chairman, United Nations Institute for Training and Research
View Bio
Michael Hebb
Social entrepreneur, founder Death Over Dinner and Generations Over Dinner
View Bio
Richard Leider
International bestselling author and coach
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Saul Kuperstein
MEA Resident Shaman
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Sky Bergman
Professor of Photography and Video, Cal Poly State University
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Teddi Dean
MEA Director, Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga
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Tom McCook
Founder & Director of Center of Balance
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Tony Peralta
MEA Head Chef
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In this 6-module course, you will understand the stages of transitions, how many transitions you are juggling in 6 categories of life, and gain skills in “TQ” or Transitional Intelligence as core competencies to make transitions smoother, clearer and more effective

Module 1
Personal Transitions
Explore your current personal transitions—relationships, empty nesting, moving, etc. Learn how key mindset management tools can help you reframe and grow.
Live event on February 23 at 8am or 4pm PT
Module 2
Physical Transitions
Understand how changes in our body can have a profound effect on our self-image and root out the “inner agesist” that holds us back.
Module 3
Psychological Transitions
Are you feeling stuck or more resistant to change? Explore how our attitudes and approaches to transitions evolve as we age.
Live event on March 8 at 8am or 4pm PT
Module 4
Parting/Passing Transitions
Explore the impact of facing mortality, the loss of loved ones, and the stages of transition that occur when people come and go from our life.
Module 5
Professional Transitions
Whether you are leaving a career or starting a new one, learn to reframe professional transitions with a growth mindset.
Module 6
Purpose Transitions
Create an actionable roadmap for a renewed sense of purpose and legacy, creating a life filled with meaning and joy.
Live event on March 29 at 8am or 4pm PT
Monthly Discussion Groups
Join us every month for a live Discussion Group with our core faculty to engage, connect and build community.

This program will help you:

  • Understand the roadmap of transitions in your life 
  • Recognize the emotions that emerge with each stage 
  • Develop a new appreciation for your innate gifts and skills 
  • Make new decisions or shift from a place you felt stuck

"What a transformational course! So much thoughtfulness went into the content and resources. I felt such welcome and deep connection. You've made a tremendous impact and I'm so grateful."

Yasmine Nguyen
Texas, USA
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