Why We Gather

It’s time we reclaim what makes us human. My hope is this Manifesto will help spark a conversation about the longing we now experience so viscerally and inspire us to prepare for the many gatherings to come. – Chip Conley, MEA founder and CEO

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Why We Gather

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Gathering is an essential part of being human.

While video conferencing offers convenience and expediency that will forever influence our tendency to gather, there are reasons people gather in a stadium to watch a sporting match, pack a theater to watch live acting on stage, or gather in the town square to protest. We are compelled instinctively to share our joys and sorrows in person.

It’s time to reclaim what makes us human and feel connected, which is why I am excited to share my Manifesto. Here are some top insights:

  • The historical and scientific reasons why gathering is an essential human need.
  • How to seek and experience the power of "collective effervescence".
  • The value and importance of "the gathering industry" so we can support this big business full of small businesses.
  • Living in a post-pandemic world in which we appreciate the value of gathering.