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Manage change, get unstuck and flourish in your second adulthood. Our highly acclaimed online workshops and courses: Learning to Love Midlife, Navigating Midlife Transitions, Cultivating Purpose, and Reframing Retirement will help you develop a roadmap and put you on a path to create your life’s next best chapter.


Breathe and Go Inward: Begin with easy mindfulness techniques to center the body and mind for learning and “A-Ha moments.”


Learn YOUR Way: Watch, listen or read our materials with videos, audio and long-form reading materials for maximum retention, at your pace.


Make It Real: Use our playful tools to reflect on your insights with micro-journaling, poetry and music.


Build New Community: Enjoy social and community learning for support, inspiration and friendship.


Experience Awe: Hear personal stories from artists to everyday folks. Wisdom is not taught, it’s shared.


Long-Life Learning: Enjoy resources from our guest faculty, recommended readings and curated music playlists.

“MEA not only gave me the tools to navigate the transitions of midlife, it gave me the rock solid community that has been pivotal in my growth.”

Joelle Calton
California, USA

Get inspired in a retreat-at-home experience based on the proprietary principles of building “digital intimacy” with other students from around the world. You will enjoy carefully curated materials and incredibly diverse speakers – from CEO’s and Ph.D.'s to global thought leaders, artists and musicians – who are all contemplating the same life questions as you. We find the answers together.

Shift your mindset as we provide you with:

  • The most current and relevant content you can use right away
  • A unique blend of academic insights with artistic applications
  • Engaging online events filled with conversations and laughter
  • A rich and committed community of peers who continue to connect

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Welcome to the world's first online midlife wisdom school. Manage change, get unstuck and flourish in your second adulthood – without changing out of your pajamas.
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A framework to help you understand the messy middle of midlife.

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Enjoy this free ebook exploring the stages or "anatomy" of a transition that applies to so many areas of life. There's a roadmap that we can follow, and we have your compass.