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Cultivating Habits & Contemplation for Enhanced Well-Being

BJ Fogg, Pico Iyer & Chip Conley
Chip Conley hosts a discussion with BJ Fogg and Pico Iyer on behavior, mindfulness, and growth. Gain insights into Fogg's behavior change and Iyer's stillness expertise. Discover how these intersect for positive change. Attendees learn strategies for personal and professional growth.
May 1, 2024
Fireside Chat

Unlock Greatness with Michael Bungay Stainer & Chip Conley

Michael Bungay Stanier & Chip Conley
This live event offers practical insights for personal and professional growth, effective leadership, and overcoming obstacles. Drawing from extensive coaching experience, they provide actionable advice to unlock full potential in life. Expect thought-provoking discussions on achieving greatness across diverse life aspects.
April 24, 2024
Live Talk + Q&A

Harness Ritual & Body Wisdom to Navigate Transitions

Day Schildkret & Tom McCook
Uncover the transformative potential of rituals and art with Day's expertise, while Tom explores body awareness and movement. Discover how integrating these practices empowers individuals to navigate midlife changes with grace and purpose, igniting profound connections and clarity in the journey of self-discovery.
April 9, 2024
Live Talk + Q&A

Radical Transitions

Stacy Peralta, Christine Sperber & Teddi Dean
Join us for this lively Live Talk & Q&A with Stacy Peralta, former pro-skateboarder and a master of reinvention together. Explore pivoting and embracing change, rewriting your narrative, and tapping into your deepest purpose. Discover tools to navigate transitions, let go of limiting beliefs, and engage with a supportive community on your journey to radical reinvention.
April 2, 2024
Fireside Chat

Evolutionary Astrology & Finding Flow

Chip Conley, Steven Forrest, Vanessa Inn
Embark on a journey with Evolutionary Astrologer Steven Forrest and personal guide Vanessa Inn in "Evolutionary Astrology & Finding Flow." Explore past lifetimes' influence on your soul's journey and harness midlife wisdom for conscious evolution as well as insights on unleashing inner power and overcoming fears, drawing from her decades of experience guiding others, including renowned figures like Pink.
March 27, 2024