The End is the Start.

September 8, 2020

The End is the Start.

May 29, 2023

Rituals are important, especially when it comes to the pivotal moments in our lives. They provide a “rest stop for the soul” and a community-sanctioned show of support for those in transition. It’s interesting that high school graduation is crowned by a “commencement speech,” which serves as both an ending and a beginning.

We honor the past but look forward to the future. And, of course, it’s sad that so many ritualistic graduations were lost this year. Recognizing the end often marks the beginning of an exciting new start.

In the Jewish tradition, sunset doesn’t represent the end of the day. It represents the start of a new day. One of the collateral benefits of the pandemic (amidst way too many collateral costs) is the opportunity to reflect upon what in our lives needs a sunset and what needs a sunrise. In other words, how can I open space in my life for something new by letting go of something that no longer serves me?

Where do you go to bury your stories, your mindsets, your identities that you’ve outgrown? Our stories are the core thought patterns that give our life meaning, but what if the story is worn out and purely a souvenir, not a compass to guide your future?

We welcome you to join us at MEA this next year for our “Sabbatical Sessions” so that you might enjoy the perfect habitat, social support, personal reflection space, and unobtrusive programming and rituals to create a blueprint for your “midlife atrium.” Rituals are essential when you open the door to repurposing your life.

Curious to learn more? Here’s a short video of me reflecting on the value of a sabbatical, while enjoying another beautiful Baja sunset.

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