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Could we reframe our thinking about the natural transition of midlife?

Many people in midlife often struggle with feelings of stagnation, crisis, or missed opportunities. They may perceive this life stage as a time of diminishing vitality, unfulfilled dreams, or uncertainty about the future. The conventional narrative around midlife crisis has led to stress, anxiety, and a sense of discontentment for many individuals.

What if we could reframe
midlife as a chrysalis, not a crisis?

In Learning to Love Midlife, Chip Conley presents an alternative narrative that reframes the midlife experience, offering a profound solution to the problems people face during this life stage.

Midlife isn’t a crisis. It’s a calling.

Rather than viewing midlife as a mere transition from youth to old age, it’s time to recognize its significance and potential for transformation.
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Our 40s, 50s and beyond are invigorating times of re-imagination, re-creation, reflection, and true growth — on our own terms. What if we could reframe our thinking about the natural transition of midlife not as a crisis, but as a chrysalis — a time when something profound awakens in us, as we shed our skin, spread our wings, and pollinate our wisdom to the world?

The Physical Life: We have more life left than we thought, what do we do with the time ahead of us?

The Emotional Life: How can we make friends with our emotions? How can we invest in our social wellness?

The Mental Life: How does our story serve us? How can we marvel at our wisdom and utilize it as mentors?

The Professional Life: Stepping off the treadmill and how do we remain influential and impactful?

Enroll Now & Get the Book: $49

About Chip Conley

A three-time TED speaker on the big stage, Chip Conley is one of the world's leading experts at the intersection of business innovation, psychology and spirituality. As one of the creators of the boutique hotel movement and the "modern elder" to the young Airbnb founders, Chip's been a disruptor and expert on entrepreneurship and business leadership. But, what sets him apart as a speaker is the fact that he's written 7 popular books and is a globally-recognized thought leader on the future of work, the value of corporate culture, and the competitive advantage of a multi-generational workplace.

New York Times bestselling author, multiple time TED talk speaker & MEA founder

Inspired by his experience of intergenerational mentoring as a ‘modern elder’ at Airbnb, where his guidance was instrumental to the company’s extraordinary transformation from fast-growing start-up to the world’s most valuable hospitality brand, Chip founded MEA (Modern Elder Academy.) The world's first ‘midlife wisdom school.’

Dedicated to reframing the concept of aging, Chip and MEA support students in navigating midlife with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility.

This course is not just about navigating the challenges of growing older, but about celebrating and maximizing the opportunities midlife presents.

A holistic 5-module course on how to approach midlife, addressing both personal and professional aspects.

Gain access to bonus content not found in the book. Behind The Scenes with Chip Conley.

A guided workbook, interactive sessions and the tools needed for self-reflection and growth.

With enrollment to Chip’s course you also receive a free copy of Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better With Age book.

Enroll Now & Get the Book: $49