Radical Transitions: The Courage to Reinvent Yourself with Stacy Peralta & Teddi Dean



Baja, Mexico
May 6
May 11, 2024
Led By
Stacy Peralta
Teddi Dean

There are all kinds of reasons to pivot, change, or reinvent. Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball and demands it; other times, you’ll feel that stirring in your heart, urging you to sit up and pay attention to something new in your life. And while stepping into the unknown can be terrifying, reinvention is one of life’s greatest gifts: the opportunity to let go of limiting beliefs so that you can harness your energies and talents to transform purpose into courageous action—allowing you to rewrite your narrative as you ride the next exciting wave of life.

What you’ll do

The MEA core curriculum forms the foundation of each workshop we offer and is focused on equipping you with the skills to navigate transitions, break through life obstacles, and tap into your deeper life purpose.

Additionally, in this particular workshop, our expert faculty will take you on an interactive and life-changing journey that will empower you to:

  • Learn to quiet the mind so you can accurately hear what your heart wants
  • Cultivate the spirit of the beginner’s mind (the heart of radical reinvention)
  • Let go of fears, limiting beliefs, and old identities (ego) that keep you frozen in time and place
  • Discover how to be comfortable (and thrive) riding the crest of life’s waves
  • Develop creative and entrepreneurial tools that will support reinvention as you lean into your journey
  • Create your own personal narrative for your next chapter, one that uses your gifts, feeds your soul, and gives back to the world
  • Engage with a community of like-minded seekers as you explore the boundless possibilities of your next journey
These workshops will help you master the tools, strategies, and mindset shifts to embrace change, overcome challenges, and thrive in times of transition, transforming your life into a more purposeful and joyful one.

We’ve carefully and intentionally designed your days on campus to facilitate the best possible experience and maximize your investment into you.

Join us if you feel your transition has become protracted and you need greater support and attention to skillfully transition to your next chapter.

MEA was the container within which I could recreate who I wanted to be and step into that with confidence.

JD Schramm
California, USA

MEA's team is composed of growth-minded individuals who are passionately dedicated to providing the mindset and tools to support our collective mission to discover purpose, grow wiser, and gracefully transition through the many stages of midlife. We are rooted in our commitment to community and guided by the belief that wisdom is shared, not taught.

Stacy Peralta
Stacy Peralta
Guest Faculty

Stacy Peralta is a world-renowned professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, storyteller, and award-winning filmmaker who recently wrote and directed the film The Yin and Yang of Gerry Lopez, in collaboration with Patagonia. He is fiercely committed to helping individuals discover their dreams as a path to changing the world.

Teddi Dean
Teddi Dean
Guest Faculty

Teddi Dean is MEA’s mindfulness meditation and yoga director. A former member of the legendary Bones Brigade skateboard team, Teddi's curiosity led him to studying the Dharma and Mindfulness and sharing his insights on how we are all capable of coming back to something natural.

Join us if you feel your transition has become protracted and you need greater support and attention to skillfully transition to your next chapter.

All of MEA’s workshops are designed to support you to consciously curate the second half of your adult life. Our curriculum offers three paths through MEA content:

  • Manage midlife change effectively. Understand the stages of transitions and the necessary TQ (transitions quotient) intelligence to move through them more easily.
  • Find meaning and curiosity when exploring big decisions, or evolving into your next chapter of life. Understand purpose as a regenerative tool.
  • Identify and lean in to the wisdom you have developed to date. Look at a generative second adulthood, engaging in new purposes, new communities, time spent on something greater than yourself.

All workshops provide a comprehensive set of tools to use right away, a deep connection with a new community and a 5-star hospitality experience to allow to you recharge and ready for what’s next. You will learn:

  • Hacks: practical tools that you can practice while you’re here
  • Habits: longer term practices that will impact your daily life
  • Practices: a point of inflection and reflection to support your ongoing journey.

Shift your mindset as we provide you with:

  • The space to ask great questions
  • The inspiration to think differently
  • The time to reflect
  • The resources to support your path

Themed in-person workshops are grounded in research based upon collaboration with academics and prestigious institutions like Stanford, UC Berkeley, Harvard, and Yale. Guest faculty weeks feature a chance to experience a deeper dive into their unique content paired with our MEA experiences.

Learning at all stages of life is the glue that drives us to purpose, community, and our evolving wellbeing. Make a commitment to staying healthier, continuing to grow, having an open mindset, and giving back to the world. Instead of “lifelong learning”, we believe “long life learning,” creates a life that is as deep and meaningful as it is long.

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Our expansive beachfront campus encompasses inviting rooms and picturesque grounds, offering a diverse range of amenities. Among these are three pools, including a 25-yard lap pool, along with two hot tubs, two steam rooms, massage rooms, an oceanfront yoga platform, a movement studio, a library, an organic garden, a bocce ball court, and lots of comfortable seating nooks for relaxing, reflecting, and chatting. We’re pleased to share that the number one comment we hear from visitors is that there’s always something new and beautiful to discover. The campus was meticulously designed under the guidance of Oren Bronstein, a longstanding design collaborator of Chip Conley's.

So do boutique accommodations and learning belong together? Think of it this way: When you’ve had a moment to exhale, and your shoulders begin to relax, you’ll understand what a beautiful setting can do for your state of mind.

To help you plan your trip please arrive at the Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) by 4 PM on the start date of your workshop and depart anytime on the last date. Our amazing Hospitality Team will coordinate your ground transportation on your behalf.

Food & Beverage

This area attracts chefs from all over the world to explore “la costa del sabor” (the coast of flavor). The culinary tradition in the Todos Santos/El Pescadero area is well-known as there are few places in the world that have more celebrated restaurants per capita than our location. Most people who move to the area say that the culinary scene is part of the reason they chose to make this home.

Chef Tony Peralta sources local ingredients, including fresh produce from our organic garden, to bring the best flavors of Mexico and beyond to our plates each day. Our cuisine leans toward healthy, but that certainly doesn’t preclude a few delicious indulgences. (Plus the occasional margarita if you choose to imbibe.) All meals, beverages and alcohol are included in the cost of the workshop.
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Join us if you feel your transition has become protracted and you need greater support and attention to skillfully transition to your next chapter.
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Included In Your Tuition
  • Transport to and from SJD airport
  • Curriculum and workbook
  • Three meals per day plus beverages and alcohol
  • Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Off-campus explorations
  • Festive gatherings to celebrate newfound connections

Financial Aid

We know that our entire society is made stronger when everyone has the opportunity to learn, participate, and grow, regardless of economic status. To support diverse learning we are committed to having a portion of our workshop participants receive an award. We offer two levels of financial aid on a need-aware basis.




Participants are responsible for $3,000 tuition (50% of full workshop tuition) and their travel costs. We will announce gold-level awards within 5 days of application submission. You will be placed on an upgrade waitlist for a private room – exceptions for specific medical or personal conditions may be considered.




Participants are responsible for only $500 tuition (only 8% of full workshop tuition) and their travel costs. We will announce platinum-level awards no more than 5 weeks before the requested workshop start date. Applicants requesting financial aid will be in a shared room with another participant.

Given how much demand we have for this most generous form of financial aid, a small percentage of those who apply are able to be accepted.


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Get pragmatic tools to change your career, life, and relationships.
Join us if you feel your transition has become protracted and you need greater support and attention to skillfully transition to your next chapter.