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Reframing Retirement


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Jun 3, 2024
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Kari Cardinale
Chip Conley
Christine Sperber

Retirement is one of the most highly sought-after phases of life but also one of the most challenging and least understood. Reframing the narrative requires a plan including wellness, community and purpose.

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What is Reframing Retirement?

Maybe you’re in your 40s or into your 70s and have just resigned from a demanding job, pivoted, were downsized, sold a company or became an empty nester, and the idea of “retiring” is just not appealing. This 5-module online workshop is the ultimate roadmap for living with intention.
Imagine a life with more...
It’s your time to dive into what matters most and explore what’s next.
Explore your “time affluence” and what gets you out of bed in the morning.
Get ready for the best years of your life, not more “living for the weekend.”

“Thought-provoking conversations, practical guided reflections and heartwarming inspirations that have stirred me to purposeful action as I begin the next stage of life.”

Burns A. Cheadle
Ontario, Canada

Is this workshop right for me?

While financial advice can be found anywhere, rarely are we prepared for the emotional, social and psychological impacts of retirement. This course is for anyone exploring and expanding their horizons in relationship to life post career.
  • You’ve retired or are just thinking about it.
  • You just sold a company.
  • You just had a major career pivot.
  • You became an empty nester.
  • You’re “retirement curious.”

What do I get?

This workshop is for curious people who are feeling a little burned out, confused, stressed, bored, overwhelmed or maybe just darn excited to figure out what‘s next. We get it. Maybe you are agonizing over who you are now without the “thing” you used to do every day. Let’s figure it out together.
  • Expert Guidance Learn from experts who retired in their 40s to 70s.
  • Create a Plan Develop a regenerative intentional journey.
  • New Foundation Explore vitality, purpose and meaning in the next chapter.
  • Lifetime Access We believe in long-life learning. This course is yours. Forever.
  • Monthly Live Events Monthly live community events taught by MEA faculty.
  • Bonus Materials Exclusive reflection tools, assessments and resources.

“It’s a warm sunny beachfront feeling even in the digital space.”

Avivah Wittenberg Cox
London, United Kingdom

"This program helped me look at my purpose and live with more clarity."

Tom Verghese
Perth, Australia

Core Faculty

Kari Cardinale

Kari Cardinale is MEA's Senior Vice President of Digital and developed all of our online programs. She is an expert in the longevity industry, a social entrepreneur, expert facilitator, and developer of “digital intimacy” tools to build meaningful connections and global communities.

Chip Conley

Chip Conley is a hospitality entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and the founder and CEO of MEA. His two most recent books, Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder and Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better With Age, are the foundation for MEA’s curriculum.

Christine Sperber

MEA co-founder and fearless Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Christine Sperber has been a pro athlete, hotelier, producer, writer, and restaurateur. She’s passionate about service and caring for people, dogs, and the planet.

Multi-Generational Panel

Barbara Kreisman
Barbara Kreisman
Associate Dean & Professor Emerita, University of Denver & Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging
View Bio
David Rich
David Rich
Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Director, Teamshares Former Owner Program
View Bio
Scott McLagan
Scott McLagan
Emeritus Professor, University of Denver, Partner, Intergistic Solutions
View Bio
Simon Chan
Simon Chan
Founder/CEO of Adapt with Intent Inc., Longevity & Work Strategist, Speaker
View Bio

Guest Experts

Alden Mills
Former Three-time Navy SEAL Platoon Commander, CEO Perfect Fitness
View Bio
Brian Van Weele
Vice President, Chief Philanthropic Officer at Buck Institute for Research on Aging
View Bio
Colleen Drummond
Strategic Innovation Executive, Advisor, Mentor, Retired KPMG Partner
View Bio
Federico Peña
Former Secretary of Transportation, Former Secretary of Energy, Former Mayor of Denver
View Bio
Jeremy Bloom
Founder of Wish of a Lifetime, two-time Olympian
View Bio
Joanne Lipman
Journalist, Speaker, Bestselling Author
View Bio
Katie Connor
Executive Director of the Distinguished Careers Institute at Stanford University
View Bio
Lee Johnson
Ranch Manager, MEA's Rising Circle Ranch
View Bio
Mo Fathelbab
Keynote and TEDx Speaker, bestselling author
View Bio
Robert Laura
Retirement Pioneer, Innovator, Disruptor
View Bio
Silvia Neira
Vice President, Global Initiative on Ageing (GIA)
View Bio
Thomas Schreier
Founding Director, Inspired Leadership Initiative, University of Notre Dame
View Bio

Using accelerated learning strategies, the materials in this online workshop are designed to flow like an “in-person” workshop to help maximize your learning and retention, offer you time to reflect in the moment for greater clarity, and provide inspirational stories to motivate you to take action. Each module contains about two hours of content to enjoy on your own time.

Module 1
Who am I now?
Our mindset and identity shift.
Module 2
Success Scripts
Our perspectives that keep us stuck or help us grow.
Module 3
How to Flourish
Our priorities in health, relationships & community.
Module 4
What Is My Reason?
Our connection to meaning or a new calling.
Module 5
Designing My Regeneration Journey
Your roadmap to reset and reignite your future.
Monthly Live Events
Join us every month for an engaging live event led by MEA faculty to integrate your learning and meet other students from around the world.

This program will help you:

  • Identify the unique roadmap of this transition
  • Build tools and resources to flourish
  • Explore common mindsets and identity shifts
  • Design a regeneration journey

"What a transformational course! So much thoughtfulness went into the content and resources. I felt such welcome and deep connection. You've made a tremendous impact and I'm so grateful."

Yasmine Nguyen
Texas, USA
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