Are You Feeling Overwhelmed by Climate Change? A Free Online Event.

October 16, 2021

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed by Climate Change? A Free Online Event.

May 29, 2023

This is the first sign we saw on Thursday when we arrived at our rustic Rocky Mountain retreat.

“Regeneration has two meanings. It refers to regenerating life on earth. And it refers to a new generation of humanity coming together to reverse global warming. We and all living beings thrive by being actors in the planet’s regeneration, a civilizational goal that should commence and never cease. We practiced degeneration as a species and it brought us to the threshold of an unimaginable crisis. To reverse global warming, we need to reverse global degeneration.”
— Paul Hawken

When it comes to climate change, are you worried that there is really nothing one person can do to make a difference? You’re not alone. And there are real solutions at hand that can offer you both connection and a sense of personal agency in dealing with this global crisis.

Paul Hawken has been my "modern elder" for quite some time. His book "Growing a Business" was published the year I started my boutique hotel company in 1987. I watched his PBS series on this topic and declared that he was my entrepreneurial role model. While he’s always been very mission-focused, his sense of purpose to serve the planet and future generations has been paramount for these past few decades.

Join Paul and me for an engaging LIVE conversation as we gather to discuss his new New York Times bestselling book, "Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation." In this hour, you will have a front row seat to one of our climate change heroes, and an opportunity to participate and learn actionable steps you can take to make a difference locally, nationally and globally.

Here’s what you’ll learn

  • How to move from despair to proactivity when it comes to the climate crisis
  • Six basic frameworks to solve the climate crisis
  • The promise of intergenerational collaboration to solve this global problem
  • Immediate actions you can take toward Regeneration in your own life
  • Free Gift! - A complimentary "climate checklist" download

Join us for this FREE event by clicking here to register. And, Paul will be co-leading a workshop on this subject at our MEA Baja campus Dec 13-18.

Go deeper with a workshop, in person or online.

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