Santa Fe


New Mexico

Nestled within the stunning Santa Fe landscape, our private, secluded ranch offers a memorable escape that seamlessly melds the captivating spirit of the area's cultural heritage with the comforts of contemporary elegance.

Whether it’s horseback riding and astronomy, cooking classes and music by the fire, or an immersion into regenerative ranching and soil science, you will experience learning, inspiration, and connection in new and unexpected ways. Our Santa Fe campus at Rising Circle Ranch opens in March 2024.

Our Campus Features:
  • 4-square miles of dedicated, private space – a crucible for big thoughts
  • Lush high-desert mountain views with uniquely Santa Fe breathtaking sunsets
  • Plenty of room to roam – MEAnder around the arroyo or hike the ridge
  • Horses, donkeys, ranch dogs...and more than a few hawks and eagles

A sky this big and a ranch this vast contain the hopes, dreams, and actions of a community dedicated to personal, environmental, and societal improvement. Wisdom at work, indeed.

Christine Sperber
New Mexico, USA

Discover the perfect blend of nature and luxury amenities at MEA's new Rising Circle Ranch, situated 25 minutes south of downtown. This marks our inaugural U.S. campus and is the first American “midlife wisdom school." Spanning a vast and exclusive 4-square-mile expanse, this secluded haven provides a remote yet conveniently reachable escape in the culturally vibrant Santa Fe region.

So does this enchanting space and learning belong together? Think of it this way: When you’ve had a moment to exhale, and your shoulders begin to relax, you’ll understand what a beautiful setting can do for your state of mind.

Food & Beverage

The cuisine of northern New Mexico is renowned for its unique blend of Native American, Spanish, and Mexican influences, resulting in dishes that feature bold flavors and a rich cultural tapestry. All meals, beverages and alcohol are included in the cost of the workshop.

Chef Tony Peralta, our famed chef from MEA in Baja, Mexico will oversee the menu development of our Santa Fe campus and will be sourcing organic, local ingredients to create a unique culinary experience.

In Santa Fe, you can immerse yourself in the enchanting landscape by embarking on unique activities such as exploring picturesque hiking trails that wind through the Sangre de Cristo mountains or experiencing the timeless allure of the region on horseback rides through its rugged terrain.

Our 4-square-mile private, secluded Rising Circle Ranch
  • Private, secluded ranch on 4-square miles
  • Interaction with ranch animals, including horses and donkeys
  • Multi-purpose indoor and outdoor meeting spaces
  • MEA resource library, curated by Chip with catalyzing questions
  • Hiking tracks in the arroyo
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant

Come to 

Santa Fe

Baja, Mexico
Our private and secluded Santa Fe campus is the perfect place to unwind your mind and find space for fresh ideas – a true and deep incubator.

Come to 

Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Our private and secluded Santa Fe campus is the perfect place to unwind your mind and find space for fresh ideas – a true and deep incubator.