A Free MEA Online Class on Matching You With the Right Workshop.

November 6, 2021

A Free MEA Online Class on Matching You With the Right Workshop.

May 29, 2023

Wow! It’s been 20 months since we had to close the MEA Baja campus and cancel our remaining 2020 and early 2021 workshops. Fortunately, Sabbatical Sessions and MEA Online were created to serve our community during the darkest days of the pandemic...and both continue to thrive.

And...we are now thrilled to bring back our beloved workshops. We’re delighted that the first four have already filled (this tells us that people are ready to re-envision a trek to Baja).

But, don’t fret, many workshops are still open. And, we know you have questions: How do I know which week is right for me? What is MEA’s “core curriculum?” How much time do guest faculty spend with each cohort? We want to make sure you understand what we offer, and feel confident about your selection. So, we’ve planned a special one-hour online session to do just that.

I’ll be joined by MEA’s Head of Admissions, Debra Amador Delarosa, and a few of our favorite guest faculty, on Saturday morning, November 13th, at 9am PT for an informative call where we’ll break it down and make it easy to apply. Some of the things we’ll detail:

  • Tuition & Scholarships (how do I apply?)
  • COVID protocols (testing, vaccines, guidelines)
  • 5-day Mastery Week vs. 7-day Workshop
  • Experience (what goes on during the week?)
  • How big are the cohorts and what kind of people come?
  • What can I expect to take away from my week?
  • What are the benefits of being an alum after visiting Baja?

What we offer is unique. And we know that traveling to Mexico may create a bit of anxiety in these new days we find ourselves in. Rest assured that over 300 people travelled to our campus during the pandemic and not one has regretted their decision or time spent at MEA. We know that this will continue with our workshops and invite you to join us on this call to explore your journey to Baja.


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