MEA’s Alumni Community

MEA has a thriving community of 4,000+ alumni, wisdom seekers dedicated to mastering their next chapter.

Alumni share their wisdom with each other, contributing to a community that actively works towards making the world a better place.
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A Journey of Continuous Growth and Connection

After completing an MEA program, alumni engage with the MEA community's 3Cs: Cohort, Chapter, and Corazón membership.  Alumni customize their involvement to match their personal growth and aspirations. Explore the options below and discover more about MEA’s alumni community.


MEA cohorts experience transformative workshops in breathtaking settings and online, fostering lifelong friendships and a thriving, supportive community for your midlife journey.

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MEA’s global chapters engage in ‘long life’ learning and meaningful networking through diverse events, unified culture, and enriching social activities tailored to your midlife interests.

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Unlock exclusive MEA experiences with the Corazon Membership Program, offering personal engagement with founders, early access to content, and VIP privileges to enrich and inspire your midlife journey.

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MEA cohorts consist of small groups of compadres who have attended a workshop together in Baja, Santa Fe or online.

Each cohort tends to stay in touch for continued support, learning, and connection. Many deep friendships form from the time spent together. Some of our cohorts have met monthly for years!

The Cohort Experience

Thriving Community
Be a part of a community where a shared language, curiosity, and growth mindset thrive, creating an atmosphere where every individual's journey is valued and nurtured.
Ongoing  Engagement
Maintain the momentum of your midlife journey by staying connected with your cohort. Cohorts regularly reunite through Zoom meetings, WhatsApp groups, and diverse experiences, including camping and return campus visits.
Online Programs & Events
Participate with hundreds in MEA's online workshops, attending monthly Community Cafés that expand your network and growth prospects.
Lasting Friendships
Establish enduring and meaningful relationships with your cohort. Many participants find workshop connections to be among the most significant and lasting in their lives.

My MEA experience was life-changing. Best of all, I found real and unexpected friendship with a cohort of some of the most authentic, gentle, truly inspiring people I’ve ever met.

Ken Page
New York, USA


MEA’s local alumni Chapters are committed to ‘long-life’ learning and meaningful connections. There are currently 26 Chapters around the world.

Colorado/Utah Chapter
Hiking Club
APAC Chapter
Nature Walk in Australia
New York Metro Chapter
MEA Co-Founder Conversation in NYC
San Diego Chapter
Equine Experience
New Mexico Chapter
September of Service Project
Pacific Northwest Chapter
Chapter Dinner

The Chapter Experience

Global Reach
Engage with local MEA alumni in your area, fostering continuous learning and deep connections within our extensive network of Chapters.
Unified Culture
Embrace the MEA ethos in every Chapter, where members unite through shared curiosity and a growth mindset that transcends borders.
Diverse Events
Experience various activities tailored to the interest of Chapter members, including structured midlife conversations, traveling together, adventurous hikes, and giving back to local communities.
Social Activities
Enjoy a wide range of social and learning events, including dinners, happy hours, and guest speaker series, all thoughtfully organized by Chapter members to ensure fun, laughter, and the creation of lasting memories.
September of Service

MEA’s local Chapters making a social impact

2023 marked a year of meaningful impact for our Chapters, thanks to the launch of the 'September of Service' initiative. Globally, our members enthusiastically participated in a wide range of service activities, demonstrating their commitment to making a difference. These activities included environmental efforts like weeding gardens, cleaning beaches and rivers, as well as social contributions such as packing food and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Quite simply, MEA changed my life. I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt listened to... at a time in my life when I really needed it.

Linda Grubbs
Oakland, USA

Corazón Membership Program

The Corazón membership program, named after the Spanish word for 'heart,' is the central hub for alumni seeking a deeper level of engagement, broader access to MEA content, and continuous learning opportunities.

The Corazón Experience

Connect with the inner circle of alums who are most engaged with MEA.
Gain early access to exclusive new MEA content.
Expand network and connect with like-hearted individuals.
Receive a $750 credit for any MEA workshop or online program.
Participate in exclusive monthly online workshops.
Enjoy VIP privileges at special MEA events.
Access learning materials to inspire midlife journeys and become equipped for growth.
Delight in a curated MEA gift box exclusively for members, and more surprises along the way!

MEA is a unique opportunity for transformation. The insights you will learn, the wisdom you will gain, and the friendships you will develop, will be with you and benefit you for the rest of your life.

David Strand
San Francisco, USA

Annual Homecoming

Alumni who are ready to feel that MEA magic again, can attend our annual MEA reunion. This event combines fun, connection, celebration, mindfulness, big ideas, tiny moments, sweetness, ritual, and more! They experience the collective effervescence that bubbles up when like-hearted alums come together with shared purpose and joy.

Past Homecomings

Santa Fe, New Mexico 2023

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San Francisco, CA 2022

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2024 Homecoming

MEA’s 6th Annual Alumni Homecoming and the Grand Opening of Rising Circle Ranch, a momentous celebration in Santa Fe, New Mexico is planned for May 17-19, 2024.

If you are an alumni and would like to join us, please email Leslie for more information.