How do you define a midlife transition?

Every transition has three phases: an ending, often a “messy middle,” and a new beginning, but few of us have been schooled on how to ease ourselves through this cycle with resilience and adaptability. This framework will help you understand that there’s a reliable cadence to transitions.

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How do you define a midlife transition?

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The only way out is through.

Have you experienced a lot of life changes recently? As we age, both the number and complexity of shifts in our professional and personal lives increase. We are asked to transition from one role to another, and that is not always easy.

Transitions can be intense, consuming, painful, exciting, or gradual in their unfolding. No matter where you are in life, understanding the anatomy of a transition can help accelerate the navigation process instead of remaining stuck. This free eBook dissects the process of transition and helps you recognize where you are with a light twist. It turns out all transitions move through the same process — consider this free ebook your roadmap or guide.

You can begin by identifying a particular transition in your life right now: divorce, empty nesting, health changes, or new purpose. Then, use this guide to walk through the anatomy of your transition to achieve greater insights and clarity.

  • Discover the Endings, Messy Middle and New Beginnings of a transition
  • Gain clarity on how to be more present and patient with change
  • Apply the anatomy of a transition to personal relationships, your profession, health or larger purpose