Stop looking for your purpose and start living it.

People who feel aligned with their sense of purpose tend to live longer and are healthier, feel happier, and are less lonely. This scholarly work offers a fundamental reframe on purpose as well as tools and methods to cultivate more purpose in life and work.

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Stop looking for your purpose and start living it.

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Live a life that is as deep and meaningful as it is long.

As a noun, Purpose is something you possess—a valued asset in your grasp that you can show to others. But, as a verb, it’s a deliberate and conscious way of being: to be purposeful. You don’t have to obtain or clutch your purpose as an object that might slip through your fingers. You show up being purposeful and, magically, you become a magnet for the possibility that your purpose may come to us rather than us having to track it down. It’s much like happiness: always better when it arrives organically and on its own time, rather than being pursued. Acting in a purposeful manner may be more important than discovering your purpose.

Living & Working on Purpose offers a unique opportunity to delve into something that may seem intangible, hard to grasp, or even unreachable, and you can immediately discover practical insights to incorporate into both your personal and professional life. We'll explore these questions:

  • How can I live more purposefully right now vs. searching for something abstract in the future?
  • What does purpose have to do with my work, and will my professional life need an evolution or a revolution?
  • What was the success script given to you as a young adult, and how did that shape the trajectory of the decisions you made in your life?
  • How can you reframe your purpose to become more generative beyond you, and towards something greater?