Cultivating Purpose

Cultivating Purpose


8 Modules
Start Date
May 22, 2024
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Led by
Kari Cardinale
Chip Conley
Jeff Hamaoui
Christine Sperber
Chris Marcell Murchison
Lori Schwanbeck
Paula Pretlow

In today’s ever changing world, sometimes its hard to stop the noise and explore what really matters. While many aspire to “finding your purpose,” we look at it as, “being more purposeful.” MEA will help you identify where you are spending your time, if it aligns with your sense of purpose, and help you build a next chapter that is more balanced, alive and fulfilled.

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Explore greater meaning and purpose at work and at home.

It has become more important than ever to design a balanced life that feels purposeful both at home and in our careers. But how do we do that? Join us on a journey to understand your success scripts from the past, where you are over-spending time right now, what needs attention, and how to bring your life into a greater sense of flow, significance and growth.
Imagine a life with more...
Those who feel aligned with their purpose are happier and more productive.
Knowing what you value becomes a critical decision making tool.
Being a slave to success means nothing if we don’t feel significant to the people and communities we love.

This journey has truly broadened my perspective, deepening my connection with others and enriching my understanding of the world around me.

Keanna O'Quinn
Los Angeles, USA

Is this workshop right for me?

  • You’re unsure about your personal or professional trajectory.
  • You’re seeking guidance and space for introspection to determine next steps.
  • You want to cultivate more meaning and flourish on your current path.
  • You feel isolated and want to grow in community with people walking a similar path.

What do I get?

This workshop will help you better understand your past success scripts, your current priorities, and how to build a purpose framework to align with your values. Eight themed modules culminate in creating a “purpose system” that encompasses all aspects of your life. Each module contains about two hours of content to enjoy on your own time.
  • Expert Guidance Learn from an all-star group of experts in business, career and professional development.
  • Develop a Purpose Portfolio Build a broad framework for living purposefully.
  • Success Scripts Shift the stories that no longer serve you and create new scripts that empower growth.
  • Lifetime Access We believe in long-life learning. This course is yours. Forever.
  • Monthly Live Events Monthly live community events taught by MEA faculty.

“It’s a warm sunny beachfront feeling even in the digital space.”

Avivah Wittenberg Cox
London, United Kingdom

"This program helped me look at my purpose and live with more clarity."

Tom Verghese
Perth, Australia

Core Faculty

Kari Cardinale

Kari Cardinale is MEA's Senior Vice President of Digital and developed all of our online programs. She is an expert in the longevity industry, a social entrepreneur, expert facilitator, and developer of “digital intimacy” tools to build meaningful connections and global communities.

Chip Conley

Chip Conley is a hospitality entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, and the founder and CEO of MEA. His two most recent books, Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder and Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better With Age, are the foundation for MEA’s curriculum.

Jeff Hamaoui

MEA co-founder and poetic Chief Education Officer Jeff Hamaoui is a gentle and empathic facilitator, business innovation veteran, and community builder who’s taught sustainability courses at Wharton, Berkeley, and Stanford.

Christine Sperber

MEA co-founder and fearless Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Christine Sperber has been a pro athlete, hotelier, producer, writer, and restaurateur. She’s passionate about service and caring for people, dogs, and the planet.

Chris Marcell Murchison
Content Facilitator

Chris is a passionate advocate for human connection and positive workplace culture in higher education, for profit, not-for-profit organizations and foundation sectors and on the Advisory Board at the International Positive Psychology Association.

Lori Schwanbeck
Guest Faculty

Lori creates conditions that support increased engagement, purpose and compassion in the world using evidence-based practices and skill building to facilitate mindfulness, resilience and social skills through interactive exercises.

Paula Pretlow
Guest Faculty

A single Black mother of two and blazer of trails in finance and investment management, Paula left the industry after a life-threatening cancer diagnosis and is redefining success, leadership, and happiness with a new purpose portfolio.

Multi-Generational Panel

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Guest Experts

Sherry Lansing
Former CEO Paramount Pictures, President of Production, 20th Century Fox
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Richard Leider
International bestselling author and coach
View Bio
Scott Kerslake
Founder and former CEO of Athleta, former CEO of Miraval and prAna Living
View Bio
Scott Shute
Former Head of Mindfulness at LinkedIn
View Bio
Shelley Paxton
Speaker, author, and Chief Soul Officer at Soulbbatical
View Bio
Barbara Waxman
MS, MA Gerontologist, author of Middlescence, executive coach
View Bio
Tushara Canekerante
Global Entrepreneur, Founder Nadastra
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Using accelerated learning strategies, the materials in this course are designed to flow like an “in-person” workshop to help maximize your learning and retention, offer time to reflect in the moment for greater clarity and inspirational stories to motivate you to take action. Each module contains about two hours of content to enjoy on your own time.

Module 1
What Is Purpose and Why Is It so Important in our Career?
Explore your current circumstances from a new lens.
Module 2
Our Relationship with our Career: A Crisis or A Calling?
Shift the narrative and explore the power of reframing your what’s next.
Module 3
Success Scripts
The evolution and revolution of your journey – explore if the stories of success from childhood still apply.
Module 4
Finding Passion & Joy While Doing Good in the World
Find the sweet spot around what you love and what the world needs.
Module 5
Various Paths to Purpose - You Have More Options Than You Think
It is not possible to “find”a purpose. It is a pathway filled with options.
Module 6
The Hidden Cost of Success and the Value of Significance
In the second half of life would you rather be successful or significant?
Module 7
The Role of the Modern Elder in Leadership
Understand the impact of the term, “I am what survives me”.
Module 8
An action plan for your flourishing future
Build an impactful purpose system to serve as your roadmap and guide.
Monthly Live Events
Join us every month for an engaging live event led by MEA faculty to integrate your learning and meet other students from around the world.

This program will help you:

  • Make a significant life decision
  • Feel more settled in your life 
  • Gain deeper insights into what you want your future to be 
  • Align with your values and strengths when facing challenges

"What a transformational course! So much thoughtfulness went into the content and resources. I felt such welcome and deep connection. You've made a tremendous impact and I'm so grateful."

Yasmine Nguyen
Texas, USA
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