Ask deep questions and find great answers on a sun-drenched stretch of the Pacific, far away from your day-to-day. Here, with the gifts of time, space, and a cohort of other curious learners, we’ll dig into our challenges together, and discover what’s possible.

MEA is located right on the beach in El Pescadero, a farming and fishing village near the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, just a short drive away from the “Pueblo Magico” Todos Santos. Here, the waves meet the desert and the mountains, and the night sky is so clear and dark, you can see the Milky Way. Come at the right time of year, and you may even see baby sea turtles making their way to the ocean, or the humpbacks playing just offshore.

Our Campus Features:
  • An awe-inspiring 4-acre beachfront campus that's personal, gracious and immersive.
  • Days filled with learning and inspiration with opportunities to connect.
  • Joyful, heartwarming moments and opportunities for serendipity abound.
  • Food is love...fresh, local ingredients bringing together the best flavors of Mexico and beyond.

The most beautiful campus... from oceanside yoga to fresh smoothies. I felt at home with all my needs met and like a tourist with new discoveries every day. Makes me want to visit regularly, or to live there.

Ellen Kiss
São Paulo, Brazil

Our expansive beachfront campus encompasses inviting rooms and picturesque grounds, offering a diverse range of amenities. Among these are three pools, including a 25-yard lap pool, along with two hot tubs, two steam rooms, massage rooms, an oceanfront yoga platform, a movement studio, a library, an organic garden, a bocce ball court, and lots of comfortable seating nooks for relaxing, reflecting, and chatting. We’re pleased to share that the number one comment we hear from visitors is that there’s always something new and beautiful to discover. The campus was meticulously designed under the guidance of Oren Bronstein, a longstanding design collaborator of Chip Conley's.

So do boutique accommodations and learning belong together? Think of it this way: When you’ve had a moment to exhale, and your shoulders begin to relax, you’ll understand what a beautiful setting can do for your state of mind.

Food & Beverage

This area attracts chefs from all over the world to explore “la costa del sabor” (the coast of flavor). The culinary tradition in the Todos Santos/El Pescadero area is well-known as there are few places in the world that have more celebrated restaurants per capita than our location. Most people who move to the area say that the culinary scene is part of the reason they chose to make this home.

Chef Tony Peralta sources local ingredients, including fresh produce from our organic garden, to bring the best flavors of Mexico and beyond to our plates each day. Our cuisine leans toward healthy, but that certainly doesn’t preclude a few delicious indulgences. (Plus the occasional margarita if you choose to imbibe.) All meals, beverages and alcohol are included in the cost of the workshop.

You'll have a generous hospitality experience that includes upscale room accommodations, ground transportation from/to the airport, three yummy meals/day that are fresh, locally sourced, and mostly organic (with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options). Enjoy the benefits of yoga or meditation and experience off-campus explorations and a few festive parties.

Room to roam for connection and meaningful conversations
  • 3 pools, 2 hot tubs
  • Dedicated movement studio
  • Abundant/plentiful meeting spaces
  • 2 steam rooms, organic garden
  • Multiple fire pits, ample outdoor spaces
  • MEA resource library, curated by Chip with catalyzing questions
  • Our beachfront campus is fully equipped with wifi

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Baja, Mexico
Join us at our beautiful, beachfront campus in Baja, Mexico, which offers all the luxury, amenities, views, and food of a 5-star hotel.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico
Join us at our beautiful, beachfront campus in Baja, Mexico, which offers all the luxury, amenities, views, and food of a 5-star hotel.