Why do successful leaders value wisdom?

MEA believes that wise leaders create more resilient and innovative organizations, full of emotional intelligence and wellbeing. It is the internal wisdom practices that help wise leaders ensure their organizations learn from their past to create a flourishing future. And, a wise organization is dedicated to diversity, not because it’s politically correct, but because inclusive teams - especially those that foster intergenerational collaboration - are more effective.

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Why Successful Leaders Value Wisdom
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Why do successful leaders value wisdom?

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Why do successful leaders value wisdom?

Learn the practices and qualities of wise organizations and their leaders.  

A wisdom worker can see beyond knowledge and numbers to understand what is truly essential. A wise leader doesn’t just learn from their mistakes. They assure their mistakes (which lead to wisdom) serve a social good. Wise leaders have strong pattern recognition, adopt the curiosity of a long-life learner and have ceased needing to impress or prove themselves. They adopt a certain unvarnished yet polished authenticity in their behaviour and have the empathic capacity to tune into virtually any frequency, offering psychological safety for their teams.

Think of this document as your ROW: Return on Wisdom. We hope you’ll ROW, ROW, ROW your organization into a flourishing future, based upon the wisdom principles we’ve outlined here.

  • Discover the difference between wisdom and knowledge
  • Gain clarity on the 8 qualities of a wise leader and assess yourself against these criteria
  • Understand the importance of wisdom in the workplace and the practices of a wise organization.