COVID is our Training Wheels for Climate.

August 27, 2020

COVID is our Training Wheels for Climate.

May 29, 2023

Fleeing my native California, I couldn’t see the ground after the plane was 50 feet in the air. Too much thick, billowing smoke. The earth was scorched. Three hours later, I arrived in a parched Texas that had two hurricanes barreling toward the Gulf Coast.

What if COVID-19 is just our wakeup call for how interdependent we are? What if it’s the reminder that our greatest existential risk—climate change—won’t be solved by a singular country? When it comes to our biggest global problems, no country is an island.

Of course, I worry that we lack the stoicism to endure the pandemic and the fortitude to defeat it. And, more than anything, I fear that we lack the global collaboration to tame this self-inflicted beast.

My shout out to the world is simple—prove me wrong...please! Better yet, let’s prove ourselves wrong, and show each other that collaboration isn’t purely a sport for politicians, but a positive path towards a better world.

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