Dog-eared Wisdom.

May 15, 2023

Dog-eared Wisdom.

May 29, 2023

How do we love Chip? Let us count the ways days! (Three-hundred and sixty-six to be exact.) Wisdom Well readers have been receiving a daily microdose of wisdom online since 2019.

But there’s nothing like holding a dog-eared copy of a favorite book you can return to over and over again, right? So, we’ve curated 366 posts from the archives, edited them down to the essential (and to be evergreen), and added a question to prompt you at the start of each day.

Life. Learning. Legacy. Guided by nature and awe – with surprising and meaningful lessons along the way – Chip shares personal experiences and sage wisdom from masters throughout the ages. His savvy, soul and spirit shine through each page to make for a delightful year.

It was a joy to work on this, our 7th book together (five of Chip’s books are available on his website, and his memoir at 50 and book of poetry can be found in the MEA library). “A Year of Wisdom” is available exclusively on MEA’s website. We were thinking about alumni (and future alumni) around the world when putting this book together with love. And we hope it enhances your days, encourages your curiosity, and inspires your next steps on the modern elder journey.

May our years be filled with wisdom and wonder!

Story Gardener Debra Amador Delarosa is a veteran communicator and Chip’s “thought-partner, muse and midwife,” collaborating on books, start-ups and more for 18 years. Deb was a founding member of MEA’s leadership team and continues as editor-at-large on special projects. Her passion is raising awareness for the humane treatment of animals, people and the planet

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