Getting Stoned with Dad.

March 29, 2021

Getting Stoned with Dad.

May 29, 2023

Some time ago, I wrote a post called “Mentoring Stones” in which I outlined why the fine art of rock balancing had a lot in common with mentoring (thanks to Christine for introducing me to this art!). It’s all about presence and knowing when to take a step away and allow your stone or your mentee to stand up on their own after you’ve heard the “click.”

Fortunately, I was mentored by my father. I’m a “Chip off the old block” because I share the exact same name as my dad, Stephen. And, while I dutifully pursued much the same path my dad did as an adolescent and young adult (Eagle Scout, swimmer and water polo player, college fraternity, MBA, etc…), at some point, I took a less traveled trail. It concerned my father because it was unfamiliar territory for him, but he supported me nonetheless.

It was a treat having him join me for a couple weeks at MEA recently. As we walked back home along the headlands trail and the hidden beaches just to the south of us, we happened upon Mike Land who had been mentored in rock balancing by a fellow Texan, Ron Nakamoto. And, as you’ll see in this video, these stacked stones were almost like breadcrumbs welcoming us back home to our MEA campus.

C’mon down to balance some rocks with us at Sabbatical Sessions! Nature is a profound teacher.

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