"I’m Dating Myself."

May 26, 2023

"I’m Dating Myself."

May 29, 2023

I was gushing with a college friend about the one-hit bands we used to love: Tommy Tutone, The Vapors, The Waitresses, Sylvester. My college music tastes stretched from 70s disco to the punk/new wave craziness of the early 80s. My friend's young adult son told us we were "dating ourselves."

Of course, that three-sentence phrase, "I'm dating myself," is a form of ageism. It suggests we're past our prime or our "sell-by" date, when—in fact—we're just reminiscing a little. And I say, Thank God we still have our memories! And our dance moves.

Speaking of dating oneself, I love how my recently-divorced friend used this phrase in a creative and empowering way. She told her son, "Dude, I am dating myself. You may think I'm now single, but I'm having the time of my life romancing myself." I was so impressed with her prompt double entendre.

Our MEA alum community is full of singles who could take this phrase and give it meaning. If you're dating yourself, you're building a personal intimacy that may be far better than what you had with your ex. You know how to satisfy yourself in all kinds of ways (and, no, we're not going there). And, for women, you no longer have to struggle with communication or the toilet seat splattered with pee. Dating yourself is a good thing.

Hey, maybe we ought to have a "Dating Myself" MEA workshop to share the best practices of going solo?

Go deeper with a workshop, in person or online.

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