Life in the Liminal

January 24, 2021

Life in the Liminal

May 29, 2023

The space in between, Neither in nor out, Not one thing or the other, The one left out?

Sitting on the edge, gaze beyond, outside,
Or is it in the middle, searching in and wide?
In the land of no man, terra ferma soft,
Somewhere we shall meet, travel far aloft.

Question our beginning,
Where will be our end?
Spinning, turning, floating,
Dizzy spirits send

us into realms of not asleep,
Nor dreaming lands of nod,
Dancing in the middle,
Imagine, creation, odd.

Surfing in the gap,
Between land and sea,
Consciousness not reality,
Where I want to be.

Grasping at the whispers, sensing at the sand,
Running through our fingers, impossible to grasp,
Intangible yet physical,
Probable yet possible.

If only we would listen, trust,
The way would shine out strong,
Problem is we run and hide from destiny all along.

Breathe your way to still,
Find your path out there,
Magnetise your future,
You conceive and bear.

Dream big, or go home,
Dream awake, go create,
You’ll be surprised, fall in love,
With lightness, brightness, oneness,
Guiding you and I, to life always wanted.

Underneath it all,
Connected to the whole,
Wondreness of universe,
Angels on cruise control.

Source holds our souls,
Yours, mine and thine,
Taking us to places new,
Reality sublime.

Luminated inside,
Giving us the clues,
As above so below,
God calling out to you.

Life in the liminal,
Let the moment be your map,
Guiding in the present,
As the universe truly, fully, always,
Always has your back.

ClaireYvonne Naisbett discovered her love for writing poetry October 2020 at the start of her Soulbbatical/sabbatical, following 22 yrs of corporate world in oil and gas as a Geologist/ Senior Leader, and jumping into creating her own business as an Executive, Life & Leadership Coach. She wrote this poem during her Sabbatical Session at MEA in Baja on January 4.

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