Lost & Found in my 60th Year.

February 15, 2020

Lost & Found in my 60th Year.

May 29, 2023

I’m just as likely to visit the Lost & Found in my 60th year as I did in my 6th year when I was in kindergarten. Here’s what’s gone missing and what’s shown up on the verge of my big 6-0h...Oh...Oh.


1. Filling my brain: knowledge
2. Trying to be interesting
3. Desire to be a politician
4. My libido (is there an iPhone app for finding it?)
5. Need to impress
6. Daily devouring of the NY Times
7. Ability to entertain with cocktail party chatter
8. Obsession with Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”
9. Guilt that I’m an awful surfer
10. The tyranny of “Attaining”
11. Need to help everyone who asks
12. Belief that 6 hrs sleep gives 2 more work hrs
13. Being scared of yoga
14. Pursuit of happiness
15. Hipster

1. Discovering my soul: wisdom
2. Focused on being interested
3. Desire to live in paradise
4. My appreciation for somatics
5. Commitment to express
6. Daily reading of a poem
7. Ability to decipher various birds’ singing & chirping
8. Obsession with k.d. lang’s “Hallelujah”
9. Affection for the sound of surf
10. The grace of “Attuning”
11. Discerning where I can have the most impact
12. The fine art of the occasional siesta
13. Enjoying one-on-one yoga sessions with Teddi
14. Joy of contentment
15. Chipster

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