March 11, 2020


May 29, 2023

The genesis of the Modern Elder Academy comes from my close friends Ben and Vanessa, who spent the holidays with us in my new Baja home three years ago. They stayed longer than the rest of us and then wrote to see if they could stay an extra week.

When they came home, they were giggly-excited about the idea of us creating a “We-tirement” intentional community with friends, buying much of the land nearby my new home, and then living the winter of our lives on sort of a Mexican beachfront kibbutz.

We’d each have our own cottages with a communal kitchen and organic farm, a farm and craft store, an art studio with a potter’s wheel, a movement studio, grand piano in the garden, a hooch-creating distillery, and an alternative school for kids and grandkids (on the other side of the farm from the distillery). It was a beautiful but hard-to-execute vision, but it planted the seed for MEA and Baja Sage, the residential wisdom community that our partner Jeff Hamaoui is creating nearby our campus.

Most of us are going to approach retirement in a wholly different fashion than prior generations.

What’s your dream for your later years?

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