Are You So Woke You Can’t Sleep?

June 17, 2020

Are You So Woke You Can’t Sleep?

May 29, 2023

We’re coming upon the ten-year anniversary of the “stay woke” revolution dedicated to addressing social and racial injustice, although the idea of being “woke” has been around in the African-American community since the 60s.

The premise is righteous and timely and our youngest MEA grad, Justin Michael Williams was 30 when he graduated in December 2018, even launched a superb book on how the Stay Woke perspective can be applied to mindfulness.

Thumbs up to this younger generation helping those of us who don’t sleep all that well to wake up to the variety of systemic injustices that are baked-into society. If you ain’t woke yet about this fact, it’s time for your wakeup call (couldn’t resist that line as a long-time hotelier). For many of us, we not only have "unconscious bias," but we have "unconscious privilege" as well.

But just like grandiosity (we know politicians like that, right?) deserves some levity so does virtuosity when taken to an extreme. Apologies to those who don’t find this two-minute BBC video funny. Please assume best intentions. No matter what your political stripes, I think you’ll enjoy it. But, just remember: stay woke.

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