the wisdom well.

December 20, 2020

the wisdom well.

May 29, 2023

This poem was offered to me by my friend and MEA alum Matt Clark for my birthday. Given the name of the poem and its message, I asked him if I could share with you.

you walk alone at dawn
the balmy sea air singing its sweet song
as the mist rises above the waves
warm tendrils of the sunrise
make their way across the leagues
to touch your face
warm your skin
brighten your eyes
the sand beneath your feet
still cold from the night air

as the light breaks
the ocean beckons
in your mind you imagine
standing upon a wave
at one with the water and her gentle curves
nature’s ultimate school
instructing you on patience
on compassion
on love

words flow from your heart
and into the ether
dip down deep into the well
and draw up the wisdom
that is always there
sometimes forgotten
yet always remembered
each time you return
and ask quietly
of the well that never runs dry
the underground aquifer
of collective effervescence
the wisdom of every sage and sadhu
of every mind that ever existed
or will exist
eternal and there for the taking
as long as you agree to share

share the treasure
and the treasure will always find you
discover who you are
and know that within that knowledge
lies the path of truth

how old are you today

what matter the years
if you love who you are
what matter the miles
if you love where you’ve been
on a journey both terrifying and sublime
the soul of the leviathan awaits you
in the deep well
of your sea of consciousness
the collective consciousness
is deeper still
and beyond that
the caverns of the subconscious
where the real treasure lies

dip your cup there
and bring to light
the true essence of who you are
and share it with the world
this is true courage
when you let go of ego
and manifest what has always been true
that you are one and all
forever unknown
transparent as a stone
and solid as the air
an enigma
wrapped in a mystery
and given freely as a gift to all

dig deep in the depths
of the wisdom well
and call up the magical song of experience
the communities you create
expand across the miles
and the years
and take on a life of their own

the experiences you design
resonate at the level of the soul
a relaxing pool
transcendent food
a community table
a place of learning
a congregation of teachers and students

life is a festival and you are the impresario
the spark that ignites the movement
the rebel who rides the wave of peaceful revolution

you are the gift
and we are ever grateful
whenever you give of yourself

Matt Clark is a writer, artist, and creative director of alimat, a presentation-design company that helps founders and entrepreneurs (including myself!) craft and communicate their big ideas. A long-time MEA-er, he was part of the Sweet Corazon beta cohort in early 2018.

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