Want to Spend More Time With Saul, MEA’s Shaman?

January 5, 2023

Want to Spend More Time With Saul, MEA’s Shaman?

May 29, 2023

I have such an affection for my spiritual brother, Saul, who moved to Baja around the same time I did seven years ago.

After a lifetime of being an accountant and a merchant, he knew it was time to listen to his calling and southern Baja’s best-known shaman emerged as Saul is beloved, not just in the MEA community, but throughout the region.

He’s an inspiring example of someone who moved from the conventional to the intentional and is glad he did so. Zee Clarke is another role model in this regard as she went from being a Harvard MBA on the traditional career path to focusing her attention on mindfulness training to under-represented communities. She’s a delight and a young wise woman like few I’ve ever seen.

The three of us - me, Saul, and Zee - are teaming up to offer a Baja workshop Feb 26 - March 5 for all of you who feel the pull toward doing something out of the ordinary. This workshop From Conventional to Intentional: Attune to Your Purpose will give you the tools to be your own shaman and the confidence to embark upon a career path less traveled.

I know how many of you want more time with Saul. This is your chance as he’s never been a co-leader of a Baja workshop, so apply soon as this workshop will fill up and regret of the thing you didn’t do is typically twice as painful as the regret of the thing you did but wish you hadn’t done. This workshop has an ample number of financial aid spots in it.

Check out this fun, short video with me and Saul.

Go deeper with a workshop, in person or online.

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